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Based on our many years of experience and knowledge of manufacturing, we have continued to expand and improve our production facilities to accommodate the growing number of requests for commercial application elements.


These include as a partial list food service elements, industrial oven elements, high temperature foil heaters, industrial refrigeration with defrost, single end heaters, and commercial immersion.


In addition we offer alternate heater designs for different applications such as low flash point refrigerants, low wattage requirements, and low temperature requirements.


Backer Springfield tubular elements are specially designed and custom crafted to meet the specific requirements of each application. We offer a wide range of sheath diameters (up to 0.625 inches), end treatments and sheath materials to ensure a cost effective and safe design.


Our aluminum foil heater designs offer a flexible heater for many pressure sensitive adhesive applications. The foil heaters range with material layers, temperatures, watt densities, lead wires, and termination connections.


As part of our design the heated wire used in our foil heaters is utilized in other heaters such as our non-Mgo tubular heaters. Our heater wire options are PVC insulated, Silicone insulated, or Fiberglass insulated (for dry applications).


Depending on what you wish to heat, liquid, air or other materials in different applications, we offer our customers optimal solutions to their specific heating needs. Whether you are looking for customized solutions or industry / application specific experience, Backer is your number one partner for commercial electric heating elements.


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