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We are pleased to offer the most reliable heating elements at the best value available for both the Home Appliance market and the Commercial Refrigeration market including our line of refrigeration and defrost elements which provide the highest performing and safest solution on the market for both ice making plus the refrigeration and defrost functions. These functions include the defrosting of coils or other applications and the evaporation of the resultant liquid.


Our elements consist of a tubular heater formed into the correct diameter, length, shape, and size based on the provided mechanical element area in the appliance or industrial application. In addition, our elements have the proper waterproof end seal materials and construction to ensure reliable operation.


There are a variety of sheath diameters and materials such as InColoy 840 the industry standard as well as 309 stainless steel and 321 stainless steel. Other materials are available upon request. Our elements are safety certified with the following agencies: UL File SA5102 and CSA file LR18489.

The most common application for these heaters is as a defrost element in domestic and commercial refrigerators. Backer-Springfield elements are found in most of the homes in the US, quietly keeping refrigerators and freezers frost free. Similarly, these heaters are used in commercial refrigerators and freezers found in most every grocery store and restaurant.

The ice making function of our heaters both in the residential and the commercial machines is to slightly melt the freshly formed ice in order to extract the cubes from the icemaker or ice slurry from the freezing tube before it is chopped into smaller pieces for serving.

For the refrigeration and defrost functions our elements are used to quickly melt the ice that has formed on the coils in the cooler unit after a specified period or when the application senses it needs defrosting. This is accomplished in one of two ways by either have our elements securely mounted on the surface of the coils or having our elements interference fitted into a “U” shape cutout in the coils. In addition to getting the ice off the coils a drain pan heater is used to evaporate the water generated from the coil de-icing. This cycling is valid for a residential application or the larger scale commercial rooftop systems.

Our heaters are stainless steel sheath heaters constructed at the correct length per our customer’s specifications. The heaters are sealed at each end using a rubber mold compression die setup to make the waterproof seal around the electrical terminal pins and or lead wires.

For longer length applications we have the capability to make two separate heaters at length with a sealed jumper system connecting the two heaters on one end of the circuit in series. Then the other two separate ends are sealed as previously mentioned.

The electrical connections that are available include a quick connect type terminal, a hardwired connection with threaded terminals, or lead wires with either stripped ends or pre-installed crimped electrical terminals.

We offer a higher level assembly with our heaters including lead wire quick connect terminal housings with specific pin outs and in-line thermostats for automatic temperature controls.

In addition, we offer replacement elements that can be ordered for a just like fit solution for older elements that need updating.

Backer-Springfield is a manufacturer of high-quality heating products and, as such, we are only setup to sell to resellers and O.E.M. manufacturers. We are unable to fulfill requests direct from consumers. If you are a consumer seeking a replacement element for your appliance, please contact the manufacturer of your appliance or your local professional service technician for information on the required heating element(s).

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