Cast-in elements for direct & indirect heating

– Suitable for several different applications


Backer Springfield's NMH heater is expertly designed as a lightweight, durable solution for defrost and other heating applications such as but not limited to food holding or food warming. All heaters can withstand higher voltages and are suitable for low flashpoint refrigerants. Our elements are safety certified with the following agencies: UL File SA5102 and CSA file LR18489.

The unique construction results in an element with faster response time and lower thermal mass. The heater is surrounded by a metal sheath which contributes to overall proetection and increased mechanical strength. Its ligthweight design allows for easy installation for operators. Customization is available to suit your application with variations in materials and technical specifications.


Our NMH heaters are rated for voltages as high as 600V with a wattage rating maximum of 50 watts per foot. The metal sheath sizes for the round shape group range from a diamter of 0.250 inches to 0.260 inches. We also offer an oval shape with a 0.75 inch diameter that has a 0.25 inch flat base for surface to surface heat transfer.


Our NMH heaters are end sealed with either a heat shrink design or we offer a rubber molded end seal option for water proof applications.


Backer-Springfield is a manufacturer of high-quality heating products and, as such, we are only setup to sell to resellers and O.E.M. manufacturers. We are unable to fulfill requests direct from consumers. If you are a consumer seeking a replacement element for your appliance, please contact the manufacturer of your appliance or your local professional service technician for information on the required heating element(s).

Cast In Elements
Cast In Elements
Cast In Elements

Technical data


The NMH heater is specially constructed to ensure that all materials are appropriate for your application. Our unique design provides optimal heat through conduction with greater dielectric strength. Backer sales and engineering support will ensure suitability for your application.



Rated Voltage

up to 600 V

Rated Power

up to 50 W/ft.


0.250in, .0260in (round)

0.25/0.75 in. (oval)


Backer has the ability to customize different materials & configurations in order to best meet your heating needs.

Heater Wire Insulation (based on W/ft)
Fiberglass Braided

Metal Sheath

Incoloy 800, 840

SS 300




Temperature Sensor (thermistor)
Temerature Control (bi-metal/electromechanical)
Thermal Cut-Off (TCO)
Standard Safety F



Heat shrink end seal - reduced overall thickness

Molded end seal - more robustness and flexibility


Many customer selectable options available


Example applications


  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Defrost
  • Transportation


  • Greater dielectric strength
  • Rapid Heat
  • Suitable for low flashpoint refrigerants
  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective

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