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DISHWASHER Heating Element

We are pleased to offer the most reliable OEM heating elements at the best value available for the Home Appliance market including our line of dishwasher heating elements which provide the highest performing and safest solution on the market for either plastic dishwasher tubs or stainless-steel dishwasher tubs. Our elements are safety certified with the following agencies: UL File E63618 and CSA file LR18489.

Our elements consist of a tubular heater formed into the correct diameter, shape, and size based on the dishwasher tub mechanical element area. There are a variety of sheath materials such as InColoy 840 the industry standard as well as 309 stainless steel and 321 stainless steel. Other materials are available upon request.

For the element design there are two modes of dishwashing that are required to be accounted for in order to provide what our customers need in the market. The two modes are immersion and open air (heated dry) and they occur as part of the dishwashing cycle.

In the immersion mode this is when the cleaning cycles are being run in the dishwasher and the heating element is completely immersed in water. The element will be used to maintain the proper water temperature based on the wash mode selected. When the element is immersed in water it will produce the nominal rated wattage as specified using the water as the heat the sink source.

In the open air (heated dry) mode this is when the cleaning cycles have been completed and the dishes are being actively dried by heat generated by the heating element. During this mode the element is complete exposed to open air with no water present. Our design uses a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) reactive element. The PTC element is a self-regulating wattage element based on temperature. As the temperature of the element increases in open air due to no water being present for a heat sink the wattage will be reduced. This will allow the element to operate in open air and provide the heat source for drying the dishes.

Our elements are securely mounted using either stainless-steel or brass bushings as required. The end seal for our elements is secured with an epoxy seal to ensure to water enters the element electrical area with active live parts.

The electrical connection is either a quick connect type terminal or a hardwired connection with threaded terminals.

In addition, we offer replacement dishwasher elements that can be ordered for a just like fit solution for older elements that need updating.

Backer-Springfield is a manufacturer of high-quality heating products and, as such, we are only setup to sell to resellers and O.E.M. manufacturers. We are unable to fulfill requests direct from consumers. If you are a consumer seeking a replacement element for your appliance, please contact the manufacturer of your appliance or your local professional service technician for information on the required heating element(s).

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