Tubes, customized for your specific needs

– Comes in several grades, dimensions and materials


Backer Springfield has purchased all of the tube manufacturing equipment from American Tube (AmTubeCo) of Nazareth, PA. This now gives us the capabilities to produce a wide range of tubing options for many industrial needs.

Backer Springfield produces a superior quality small diameter stainless steel tube from 1/4″ OD to 1″ OD. We also produce Metric sizes from 6mm to 15mm. Wall thickness ranges from .010″ to .065″.


Small diameter welded stainless steel tubing, bead reduced/controlled.

1/4″ through 1″ OD
metric sizes 6mm through 15mm
Straight lengths to 40′
Coiled lengths to 40,000′
Alloys : 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 409, 825, 2205
other alloys available upon request

Markets Served:

Oil field maintenance
Oil exploration
Heat exchanger / condenser
Heater sheathing
Mechanical / general manufacture
Pulp & paper


Backer-Springfield is a manufacturer of high-quality heating products and, as such, we are only setup to sell to resellers and O.E.M. manufacturers. We are unable to fulfill requests direct from consumers. If you are a consumer seeking a replacement element for your appliance, please contact the manufacturer of your appliance or your local professional service technician for information on the required heating element(s).

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