Immersion heaters for liquid heating in various products

– Vast range of materials, properties and control devices

Immersion heaters

Backer Springfield manufactures immersion heaters for heating of multiple liquid types in a varitey of applications both for pressurized and non-pressurized liquid heating.

We offer heaters with sheath materials such as and not limited to copper, multiple grades of stainless steel, or titanium. Our mounting setup consists of screw plugs of an assortment from standard sizes to custom sized or custom designed materials for your application. Other mounting setups include the standard two and one-half inch square flange made from various materials and thicknesses to custom sized or custom designed flanges for your application.

Immersion heaters are used as heat sourse in domestic water heaters, commercial dish washers, industrial baths, oil radiators, and towel dryers among many other applications.

The immersion heaters are built with tubular elements with flanges or plugs either soldered with a brazing process or welded with a tig weld process attached to them for a secure water proof seal in application.

In addition for some single phase lower wattage commercial applications our staking process to a either a one inch NPSM screw plug or a one inch NPT screw plug has proven to be very successful in the market.

Our elements are available for use in a single phase electrical system or a three phase electrical system.

We produce according to customer specifications so contact us if you don´f find what you are looking for and we will help you to provide the heater your customer's require.

Backer-Springfield is a manufacturer of high-quality heating products and, as such, we are only setup to sell to resellers and O.E.M. manufacturers. We are unable to fulfill requests direct from consumers. If you are a consumer seeking a replacement element for your appliance, please contact the manufacturer of your appliance or your local professional service technician for information on the required heating element(s).

Immersion heater
Immersion heater
Immersion heater

Technical data


A tubular element has four basic components: a metal sheath, a helically wound coil of special resistive alloy, end seals, cold pins on each side of the coil, and magnesium oxide (MgO) insulating material. The tube is the outer casing of the heater and houses the other basic components. The cold pins protrude from the ends of the assembly to allow for
power connections.

Tubular heating elements for liquid


Backer Springfield offers multiple end seal treatments. The operating temperature of the heaters, as well as the storage, operation, and end user application will determine the appropriate seal material.



The power connections to the heater assembly can be provided by either splicing lead wires to or directly welding terminals on the cold pins. Multiple lead wire types and terminal pin options are available.

Sheath Materials

Max Temperature





Cold Rolled Steel


.304 Stainless


.316 Stainless


.321 Stainless


Inconel 600


Incoloy 800


Incoloy 840



(Ni or SS)

-90 Degree

Stud Threaded Terminals


Wall Thickness



Up to 600 volts AC

Cold Pins

-SS or Ni-Ply
-Length up to 1 1/2”
*(application dep.)

Sheath Diameter
(+/- .005”)

-.250 -.430
-.260 -.475
-.312 -.490
-.334 -.625
-.375 -.865

Bend Formations

Backer Springfield offers bend formations in most any shape, just submit your design folders and drawings for engineering review in order to provide the most efficient design for your application.

Tubular heating elements for liquid


Tubular heating elements for liquid


Depending upon the intended use, Backer Springfield utilizes our engineering capabilites to construct a heater based on your application specifications. Moisture resistant, water resistant, and waterproof elements can be made to fit your requirements. Alternately, elements may be supplied that make the customer responsible for properly sealing the ends after additional processing.

Tubular heating elements for liquid

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